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Under Renovation

At Comitech, we are constantly seeking ways to shape the future of technology in exciting ways. Our official website is currently under construction for an even better experience. In the meantime, you can visit the previous version.

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Corporate Profile

Comitech counts 22 years in the business sector and has established itself as a trusted supplier and service provider of software application development and IT solutions, entrepreneurship, consulting, and advertising for the public and private sectors.

Since January 2010, Comitech has been a member of the Epirus Science and Technology Park, where it is housed until today.

As a reward for the company’s strategic development with an emphasis on innovation, Comitech has received important international distinctions (European Business Awards & INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS AWARDS).

The main field of activity is cultural informatics and the development of culture and tourism specialized intelligent systems and innovative apps for the web, smartphones (native Android & iOS), virtual reality, and augmented reality.

In addition, the three-dimensional representation or reconstruction of cultural monuments and objects with the photogrammetry method and specialized scanners, as well as our extensive experience in storytelling, creating virtual characters, and 3D animations enables us to integrate them into our applications and create a rich user experience.

Emphasis is also placed on the production of rich multimedia content, ultra-high resolution both conventional and 360°.

Finally, Comitech invests significantly in R&D activities on state-of-the-art and innovative technologies through EU-funded projects.

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Cultural Informatics

Development of culture and tourism specialized intelligent systems and innovative applications, digitization, 3D representation and reconstruction of environments, creation of virtual characters, narrative scripts and rich user experience.

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Multimedia & Interactive Experience

A pioneer in the production of compelling storytelling videos, multimedia content (conventional – spherical 360° – 3D animation), as well as innovative virtual and augmented reality applications.

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Applications for Mobile Devices

Design and development of interactive native mobile apps for smart devices running on Android & iOS operating systems, utilizing sensors and capabilities of each device, fully covering the needs of each organization and business.

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Web Applications

Design and development of any kind of dynamic web application characterized by aesthetics, usability and intuitiveness while offering hosting services on high-end proprietary servers.

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Research & Development

Comitech invests significantly in R&D activities on state-of-the-art and innovative technologies, mainly in the field of culture, with the implementation of significant EU-funded research projects.